The Beautiful Horrific

As I continue to draw in my COVID Journal it is changing along with the times and becoming something new. So I have decided to call it The Beautiful Horrific to reflect our horrifying time, and look for the beauty that comes with it. The following are some new pages from the month of June. It has been overwhelming and eye opening.

And we have known this for a very long time.
Blackout Tuesday, 6/2/20
Pumas explore Santiago, Chile
And it isn’t going anywhere yet
Stop the spread of COVID-19
Clean air in Dehli as traffic comes to a halt
A kangaroo in Melbourne during COVID-19 shut down
Seepage from Blackout Tuesday becomes black butterflies

3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Horrific

  1. Extraordinary. What a fitting testament to our times – and the title is perfect. The beautiful of these pages overshadow the horror of the narrative and give me hope.


  2. Ay, I can’t even write correctly any more. I meant to say:
    The beauty of these pages overshadows the horror of the narrative and gives me hope.


  3. My therapist is coaching me to not look at my email as much so I just opened this today luckily. I can’t believe the range of your talent. Seems like a few short years ago you were trying to eek out the time to do your work and look at you now.



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