The flower market – Malleshwaram

I began this site  in 2014 while taking a leave of absence from work to live in Bangalore for five months with my husband and son. This was my way of making sense of everyday life in India and finding beauty in small things. It was a great way to keep in touch with friends and family at home, and to let them know what life was like for me. 

Today, the flower market in Malleshwaram is gone and I am waiting for my next trip to India. In the meantime I continue to post sporadically about art and travel. This is mainly a journal of the colors and shapes that I find inspiring. A notebook full of experiences that I wish to remember. My little brain just can’t hold it all, so this is my brains annex.

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  1. As I read your blog and see your photos, Mardy, I am reliving my own past trips to India. I remember Sharmila’s first day at Montessori school in the 1st grade and how much she loved her friends, learning how to cut vegetables and tie her shoes. Her reading ability put her in the third grade and she produced beautiful Indian script but upon returning to Brigham City was told that she could not use it in school. She had to be on the same level as the other 1st graders. I remember all of the festivals, washing Anjali’s diapers on my hands and knees (didn’t have disposables), sitting out in the early evening when the bats came winging through the yard, walking to a little library down the street and coming back with M. M. Kaye’s book, The Far Pavilions and later, Shadow of the Moon. Each time we went between 197-88, I always had culture shock and malaise for a time, and also came down with a respiratory illness that kept me in bed for days, but soon we acclimatized and fell into the rhythm of the house, enjoying long walks, shopping in Sultan Bazaar, wearing Indian clothes and of course eating delicious food. After not being there for 25 years, my last trip in 2013 to visit family and friends in seven cities in South India, was wonderful, memorable and as always sensory overload. I wish I had taken the time to write in the midst of living there as you are doing. The pictures we took have a multitude of background stories, just as yours do.
    I’m loving this connection to you, Venkatesh, Ashwin, Sunitha and Gopal! Thank you! Diane


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