Polar Vortex!

Well the Polar Vortex has reached Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago is shut down for two days, so I don’t have to go to work. I’m spending my days holed up inside my home, cooking good food and catching up on lots of small things that I rarely have the time to do. This seems like a good time to take photos of my new work in the light of mid-morning.

I have gone in a slightly different direction for my Plankton (nickname Tinkamink) project. I decided to make a limited edition artist book before working on the wall installation. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I have had some work accepted by Vamp and Tramp, and they are interested in the Plankton book, so I quickly finished in order to ship to them. Secondly, I have applied to the Whitely Foundation for an artist residency at Friday Harbor Labs on San Juan Island. It is there that I hope to focus, and complete the wall installation of Plankton. Wish me luck!

Plankton artist book

I have also taken photos of some of my recent pottery. I’m getting a bit better at predicting the outcome of some glazes at the Pot Shop Evanston and I feel I’m beginning to develop a personal style.

Ocean gleaming bright, salty tasting, glistening, never ending sea

Batter bowl, honey mustard glaze

Slab built tray at a Ware workshop (Ware glaze)

Sea urchin votive, honey mustard glaze with ash

Venkatesh’s Christmas mug, black underglaze with cinnamon glaze

How Sweet It Is!

French stitch

French stitch

Forget Indian sweets, do you know what’s sweet? Seeing the finish line of a project. I should take a personal leave from work more often. 🙂 It’s amazing how much you can get done. I’m nearly finished binding my edition of ‘Sound Horn Okay!’. Only two more to sew and then I’ll be doing the finish work on the covers.


I used sheets of handmade paper from India in various colors and chose the binding thread that looked best with the end sheets. Binding an edition can get pretty boring, mixing up the colors made it a bit more interesting. But it is so satisfying to see them stacked up on the bookshelf! Now it’ll be fun to work on some new things.



Sound Horn Okay


Sound Horn Okay copy

While in India I have been working on binding my book ‘Sound Horn Okay’, a book about Indian wheeled transportation. I have made the prototype, which is Ashwin’s copy, and I’m working on the first of an edition of ten. I plan to have them completed by the time I return to Chicago. Hot off the presses and ready to sell! 🙂

Below are examples of a few of the finished pages.

lorrie copy

bus copy

JCB copy

tractor copy