Temple madness

Who can resist a great city temple? The old, the new, the festival carts, they are all wonderful in their own way. These are a few from my Malleswaram walkabout, just days before Pongal, the winter harvest festival. We didn’t go anywhere special in India this time, just stayed put with family, but who needs to when there is so much to see in our own neighborhood?

Ashwin took this photo of a temple dome.

Happy Pongal!

Only in India

New Krishna Bhavan Restaurant, Indian Art Deco.

 These are some of the things I love about India. Color, signage, murals and a mix of everything counter intuitive.


The little heads are politicians, these signs and billboards are everywhere! The little building with a hat for a roof on the lower left is a police post. This hat style is part of the traffic police uniform.

Mysore Lamp Factory sign and a fly over.

Auto stand.

New auto stand with chalk message underneath.

A yellow water tank and a mint green house.

Indian Paper Series #3

After reading about rhinoceros and the horn trade I decided I had to make a new drawing for my animal series on Indian handmade paper. I have been cutting butterflies from atlas paper also and trying to figure out what I want to do with them.

Like the birds that feed off the rhinoceros, I began placing butterflies on the rhino’s back. I decided to cut a flock of smaller  butterflies from the Asian maps, as China and Malaysia are the main markets for rhino horns. So I’m back in my Cloud House Studio cutting butterflies. 

Ashwin’s Happy New Year card with Big Ben.

Did I remember to wish everyone a Happy New Year?

Indian haircut

Ashwin playing in the sun.

I went shopping for the day with the ladies and when I came back there was a different boy living in the house!

Shelling avrecai.

Auntie Chitru came home for lunch and brought an early birthday cake for Ashwin.


Pati and Tata sing happy birthday.

Don’t forget London

On our way to India we planned to stop for Christmas with my family in Boston, then stay for two nights of fun in London. Unfortunately Venkatesh needed a UK visa and it didn’t come through in time, so Ashwin and I took this part of the trip by ourselves. Venkatesh had to book a new ticket to India and was rescheduled to land the day after Ashwin and I arrived. Luckily his passport (with a UK visa – no longer needed) was returned 12 hours before his flight! 

Anyway, Ashwin really wanted to see the famous sights in London, so we explored the city on our own. We saw Big Ben and Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral; all the sights from Cars 2! Then we went into the Tower of London, which I had never seen, and it was much more interesting than I thought. Ashwin has been interested in castles lately and it was such a beautiful perspective to see Tower Bridge and the Shard from within the Medieval walls.

Mummy and Ashwin selfie

Yellow and Happy

I wake up in a yellow house with terra cotta floors and a bright yellow kitchen.

I sleep surrounded by colorful hand woven and printed fabrics.

The early morning sun shines in through the windows of the Cloud House. 

Outside our door the terrace is warm and full of potted plants. The cuckoo bird calls and there are parakeets and kites flying overhead.

Coffee waits for us downstairs on the ground floor. The families visiting from the US ask me what we are planning to do for the next few days. I respond ‘absolutely nothing’.

B’lore 2017

New Years Day in Bangalore. Once again I’m feeling inspired by Indian trucks, reminding us to conserve water in a place where every drop really does matter. I saw this on my way to a lovely lunch with friends which included a fantastic Mangalorian fried fish with fish curry. Ashwin had fun playing with the kids.

A beautiful photo taken by our friend Nisha Ramdas.

Early morning in Malleshwaram. Ashwin and I were up before light listening to Namaz, the call to prayer at 5:15 am.

Looking down on Gopal working on his patio.


A quiet morning on our terrace, enjoying the sun and flowers. My mother-in-law, Sunitha doesn’t like this plant because it has big spiky thorns, so Gopal keeps the plants on the terrace where she rarely sees them.

A nice start to 2017.