Tata’s Treasures


The wood room is a place on the terrace where Ashwin’s Tata (grandfather) keeps his building materials and some treasures. It seems he is always pulling some beautiful old piece out of a corner or cabinet. The following shows a part of the world within the woodshed walls. I am channeling my friend and colleague, Chris Conniff O’Shea, who always has such a sophisticated eye for grouping beautiful and interesting things. The monochromatic selection is quite the opposite of the previous posting of my brightly colored book. I also felt if I didn’t record these photos, they would soon go away. They are in a moldy and decaying stack on a shelf. Venkatesh wants to save them and have them restored, but they may be beyond that already. Enjoy!





Gopal's excerciser PHOTOS

Gopal's family, I believe he is the little boy in his mothers lap.

Gopal’s family, he is the boy in the back row, far right.


I believe this one is Gopal’s brother.

Gopal's photo

This one is a mystery.

The beloved India Institute of Science.

The beloved India Institute of Science.

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