10 Dop – The house with the tilted balcony


This is how we feel at our Dop House. We must be in the most beautiful place on earth! This  Cambodian house originated in Pouk, twenty kilometers northeast of Siem Reap. It was purchased, dismantled and rebuilt for Sala Lodges Hotel.



After the tired and hungry boy melt down and a good long nap, we went to the village center on a tuk-tuk. Different from an Indian auto rickshaw, these are essentially tricked out carts with a seat and a roof, pulled by a motorcycle. We saw one with a flat screen tv attached to the back, playing kick boxing. Another was a Rock and Roll tuk-tuk which will play your choice of music. You can even plug in your iPod to play from your own music library, and sit in the back seat under disco lights. We went through rows and rows of booths at the Night Market all selling the same stuff; graphic T-shirts, light and flowy pants with elephant prints, bags and baubles and wood carvings. After dinner we bought Ashwin a tender coconut water, in which you drink out of a big green coconut through a straw, and rode a tuk-tuk back to the Sala Lodges Hotel for a night swim. This is where the most beautiful part comes in. The pool is made of stone and the water is as warm as a bath from the days bright sun. The frogs were croaking and peeping in the small rice patty gardens, other than the sounds of nature it was completely quiet and the moon was nearly full. We had the pool to ourselves and Ashwin was almost as happy as he was at the airport when we descended from the plane directly onto the Tarmac. That was surely the highlight of his day, but Sala is the highlight of ours. Every little thing is carefully chosen, down to the most minute detail, handmade Cambodian pottery, woven grass roofs and pool umbrellas, mosquito netting over the bed with beads on the ends of the the tie ups. I can only begin to explain. A feast for all of the senses. Relax…….enjoy. We aren’t going anywhere today.


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