Morning two in India, 5 a.m. I woke up early to the faint sounds of namaz. It’s not surprising that I missed them yesterday – I had to go out onto the terrace to hear them better. A cuckoo called from far away and then several nearby. Their wake up communication seems to travel across the city of Bangalore. Next came a honk and soon after the traffic sounds began. I still don’t know what the mystery utensil is but a few suggestions are meat tenderizer and melon slicer. I’ll ask Gopal (my father in law, otherwise known as Tata) today. My big adventures yesterday include mailing a document at the post office, going to Nilgiri’s market for some groceries (and getting stuck there due to the monsoon burst) and running to Cafe Coffee Day with Ashwin to get a hazelnut latte and watch the trucks go by. He says he is making a book on trucks, both Indian and American, and we go out on walks to take pictures. I keep telling him copying is the highest from of flattery, but he still complains that his little niece is copying him. She watches him constantly and he isn’t fond of her yet. His most common question is ‘what’s that smell Mummy?’ and he hates the mosquitoes. I can’t seem to keep him from getting bitten but I’ll try harder today. At least our Cloud House is mosquito free. The only thing I asked for when it was being built, windows with screens! The Cloud House is a beautiful place to stay. I’ll take pictures once we are settled in.

Mystery Utensil

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