Polar Vortex!

Well the Polar Vortex has reached Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago is shut down for two days, so I don’t have to go to work. I’m spending my days holed up inside my home, cooking good food and catching up on lots of small things that I rarely have the time to do. This seems like a good time to take photos of my new work in the light of mid-morning.

I have gone in a slightly different direction for my Plankton (nickname Tinkamink) project. I decided to make a limited edition artist book before working on the wall installation. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I have had some work accepted by Vamp and Tramp, and they are interested in the Plankton book, so I quickly finished in order to ship to them. Secondly, I have applied to the Whitely Foundation for an artist residency at Friday Harbor Labs on San Juan Island. It is there that I hope to focus, and complete the wall installation of Plankton. Wish me luck!

Plankton artist book

I have also taken photos of some of my recent pottery. I’m getting a bit better at predicting the outcome of some glazes at the Pot Shop Evanston and I feel I’m beginning to develop a personal style.

Ocean gleaming bright, salty tasting, glistening, never ending sea

Batter bowl, honey mustard glaze

Slab built tray at a Ware workshop (Ware glaze)

Sea urchin votive, honey mustard glaze with ash

Venkatesh’s Christmas mug, black underglaze with cinnamon glaze

Yes I’m Making Art!




Besides binding the book I wrote for Ashwin, ‘Sound Horn Okay’ I have been able to work on some other fun things. I have been making some Envelope Drawings of animals. They are fun and I don’t have to think much, they are pure play and who know where they will lead? On our wedding anniversary I was thinking of our time on the Cape and our beach wedding so I made a large ink wash drawing of a hump back whale. It seemed appropriate somehow, working on Indian truck prints in Chicago and whales in Bangalore. I bought the paper in Chang Mai, Thailand. I wasn’t sure at the time how I would use the printed gold sheet, I only knew that I loved it. Maybe I’ll draw some ships while I’m landlocked in Bangalore too.